Facebook will now give money to users for voice recording, this is the reason

Facebook will now give money to users for voice recording, this is the reason

Social networking company Facebook will now give users money for voice recording. Actually, the company is doing this to improve voice recognition technology. Facebook’s effectiveness in data privacy is not hidden from anyone, so it is difficult to say what is the intention behind it.

Significantly, Amazon, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have also heard voice recordings of people in the name of speech recognition. Say that they have been caught while doing so. However, he later clarified that this is being done to improve voice recognition.

Facebook has started a program called Pronation. This option will be in Facebook’s Viewpoint Market Research App. According to Facebook, if you qualify for this program, then you can record your voice.

According to a report in Verge, Facebook has said that after recording Hey Portal, the name of the front of your Facebook friend list will have to be called after recording Hey Portal. You can name 10 friends and every statement has to be recorded twice.

After completing a set recording you will get 200 points in the Viewpoints app. However, you will not get the money until you have completed 10000 points.

The transaction will be done through PayPal and users participating in this program will get $ 5 as a reward. According to Facebook, users can get a chance of recording five sets i.e. you can earn 1000 points.

According to the report, Facebook says that the voice recordings given by the users will not be connected with their Facebook profile. According to the policy, the company does not share the activity of its viewpoints on Facebook or other platforms of Facebook without the permission of users.

Currently, this program of sponsorship is for American users. For this, there should be at least 75 people in the user’s friend list. When will this program be started in India and other countries, or will it not be done? The company has not given information about this.

After this report, it is expected that once again some questions will arise on Facebook regarding privacy.


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