Google introduced new options to keep personal information away from search engines

New Google Search Policy 2022: The new policy also allows the removal of other information…


New Google Search Policy 2022: The new policy also allows the removal of other information that poses a risk of personal information becoming public, such as confidential ‘log-in credentials.

These ‘log-in credentials’ enable users to log in to online accounts over the Internet and verify their identity.

Free access to information is important, “but also important to empower people with the tools they need to protect their sensitive, personally identifiable information,” the company said in a statement.

“Privacy and online security go hand in hand,” the statement said. Therefore, when you use the Internet, it is important that you have control over how your sensitive, personally identifiable information is accessed.

Google Search had earlier also allowed people to request the removal of personal content that could directly harm them if they become public.

In this, a request can be made to delete personal details such as bank account or credit card numbers to avoid fraud and to delete personal information due to ‘doxing’.

‘Docking’ refers to the discovery and publication of personal or identifying information about a particular person on the Internet, especially with malicious intent.

The company said that such information appears on many unpredictable forums and is used in different ways, hence the need to change the policies.

The availability of personal contact information online may pose a risk.

Google said it had received several requests to provide options for removing such content.

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