WhatsApp Premium: Let’s know what is WhatsApp Premium and what are its benefits

WhatsApp Premium If you use WhatsApp regularly, then you must know that there is no cost for it, but now Meta has recently announced WhatsApp Premium.

WhatsApp Premium: Let's know what is WhatsApp Premium and what are its benefits

WhatsApp Premium: WhatsApp is still the most popular instant messaging service. If you are looking for premium features on WhatsApp, then this wait is going to end soon. Meta has recently announced WhatsApp Premium. It is a subscription service for business users.

If you subscribe to WhatsApp Premium, you’ll get additional features on your Business account, including linking accounts with multiple devices with vanity URLs. The world’s largest messaging platform is testing a subscription-based model, WhatsApp Premium, according to WhatsApp tracker WBInfo.

This feature is being tested for WhatsApp Business. Along with WhatsApp Business, users can also choose WhatsApp Premium.

These features will be available in WhatsApp Premium

According to WBInfo, WhatsApp Premium is currently being tested for Android, Desktop, and iOS devices.

This feature is specially developed for business accounts. While not much information has been revealed about the subscription, it is expected that this feature will offer smart features for WhatsApp Business users.

10 devices will be able to link

Right now you can use WhatsApp on the web or on your phone only, but with the help of a multi-device feature, the WhatsApp account can be used on up to 4 devices. However, you will get more features in WhatsApp Premium.

Users who subscribed to WhatsApp Premium can now use their WhatsApp account with up to 10 devices. This can be useful for small and medium-sized businesses that have a dedicated internet media team to handle their WhatsApp.

Since this information has just been revealed through screenshots, it is not possible to say at the moment how many smartphones can be in the 10Link device. While WhatsApp’s multi-device feature allows you to link up to four PCs or even laptops and tablets, there’s no additional phone feature.

One can expect WhatsApp Premium to make it possible to use WhatsApp on two or more phones.

Vanity URL

Another feature in WhatsApp Premium is Vanity URL. This will give WhatsApp Premium subscribers the option to generate custom links for their business.

For example, if your company name is ABC, then you can generate unique links like wa.me/ABC that can help people reach you. If you wish, you can change your business link once every 90 days. According to WBInfo, your mobile number will not be hidden when you create a vanity URL.

If users contact you through WhatsApp, they will also see your phone number. However, a short custom URL with the name of the business can be beneficial for you and it can attract new users.

In addition, WhatsApp is introducing a new cloud-based API that will make it easier for businesses and developers to start a WhatsApp business.

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