WhatsApp Will Allow Up To 32 People To Join Groups Voice Calls, Large Files Can Be Shared

WhatsApp Groups Voice Calls
WhatsApp Groups Voice Calls

WhatsApp on Thursday said it will allow up to 32 people to join together in group voice calls and share files up to two gigabytes.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also talked about providing many more features.

However, this feature has been rolled out in select regions only. Let us tell you that earlier 8 people could be connected on WhatsApp Call, which the app is now increasing to 32 people. Wabetainfo has given information about this.

According to the report of this publisher who monitors the features of WhatsApp, WhatsApp has released the feature of group voice calls with 32 people.

WhatsApp will also allow chat group admins to delete messages at any time. A company spokesperson said the removed content would not be visible to any members of the group.

What’s the new feature?

A screenshot of this has also been shared in the report, in which it is written, ‘Now 32 people are getting support to add on a group call.

The new update will get a changed interface that comes with a social audio layout, speaker highlights, and waveforms.

Along with the feature to add 32 people to WhatsApp group calls, users will also get an updated design. It will also get features like bubbles for voice messages and info scores for contacts and groups.

Also, some minor features like choosing your favorite media from Galaxy are also part of the new update. This feature is currently released in Brazil.

Many new features to come

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms, said in a post, “We’re also adding new features to Groups on WhatsApp, including feedback, large file sharing, and large group calls.”

WhatsApp has recently announced the community feature, which can reach all users by the end of this year.

With the help of the community, you will be able to bring different groups to one place. Along with this, users will get a chance to share files up to 2GB.

At present, users are able to transfer files up to 25MB only. Recently, the paid subscription plan of WhatsApp has also been spotted. In this, users will get extra features on paying money.

However, this service will not be for all users, but only users with business accounts will get it.

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