5 WhatsApp Scams: Be Careful of These 5 Scams of WhatsApp, Be Aware to Avoid Cyber Threats

Be Careful of These 5 Scams of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps, with millions of users around the world using it to stay connected with their friends and family. With its help, you can easily stay connected and talk through messages and calls. Along with this, WhatsApp is now being used for business also, its features have evolved. Now it is not limited to just the individual. It has become an important tool for big and small businesses.

Along with this, WhatsApp fraud has also started happening, due to which people are being cheated by luring them. Many such cases keep coming to light. The phone can be hacked and used for criminal activities, without your knowledge. You can be targeted, lured, and blackmailed, your privacy can be compromised, money can be demanded from you or your bank account can be stolen online.

So here we will know about 5 such types of WhatsApp scams, knowing which you can avoid falling into the trap of such scammers or fraudsters.

Top 5 WhatsApp Scams

QR Code Scam: If you receive a QR code through WhatsApp from an unknown number, which lures you in some way or asks you to win in a lottery or make a donation. So it is better to ignore such messages and do not scan the QR code. It is possible that after scanning, it may take you to some phishing link and download malware on your phone due to which your phone can be hacked.

Emergency message: You receive a message from an unknown person who pretends to be your friend or relative. Or pretends to be in some kind of trouble and asks you for money. Those who commit such crimes trap people with the help of deepfake videos and audios. Avoid these and identify the person before transferring money.

Organization Representative Scam: If you receive a message or call in the name of a representative of any organization or bank. Who asks for your information by claiming to open an account and give you a credit card, or asks for your debit card number or password or OTP by saying that your debit card has expired. Ignore this, the bank never asks you for OTP or password. Even if it comes in the name of another company, avoid giving your personal information like Aadhaar number, bank account number, debit card number etc.

Gift and lottery scams: In such scams, you claim to get a gift or a lottery is won on your number. Seeing the greed of getting big gifts, he tries to trap you. They send you links and through them malware can be sent to your device. Ignore it and avoid greed.

Donation Scam: In this type of WhatsApp scam, scammers ask you to do good work or help people. Through the link, you can be taken to a phishing website which may seem real to you, but is fake. To make a donation, they may ask for your bank details or ask for direct transfer. Do not give your information, use your discretion.

These are some common WhatsApp scams that you should avoid, of which people easily become victims due to lack of information. Every day there is news of people becoming victims of new scams. Ignore any kind of message coming from an unknown number, avoid clicking on unknown links until the source is confirmed. Only if you remain aware and careful, you can avoid becoming a victim of these WhatsApp scams. These scams can also happen through other apps or even directly through text messages. So be aware, be careful, be safe.

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