Google Doodle: Google bids farewell to 2023! Made a special doodle, know special things

Google doodle

Before the start of the New Year 2024, Google said goodbye to the year 2023 through Doodle. Today is a special occasion for the whole world. People remember the old year in different ways and then resolve to make a fresh start in the new year.

Google has also shared this interesting doodle to make New Year’s Eve special, as Google has been doing every year. We are telling you in detail what message Google has given in this year’s New Year’s Eve Doodle.

Google has given a special message with the title New Year’s Eve. Google said- 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year! That means the countdown to knock in 2024 has started. Describing the doodle, Google has written that this doodle has brought a sparkle at the beginning of the new year.

As the clocks are getting closer to tonight, people all over the world are planning for the New Year. In which they are making resolutions, wishing for success, and praying for the new year to be filled with love and joy.

Every year on December 31, Google bids goodbye to the old year by making a doodle. This time too Google has bid farewell to 2023 by making a special doodle. It can be seen in the doodle that many colors have been used. It looks as if we are bidding farewell to 2023.

The doodle has been decorated with a party theme. A disco light has also been installed in the middle. The doodle is quite interesting and bids farewell to the old year 2023.

The new year 2024 is starting from tomorrow. Everyone takes some resolution or the other to improve their life in the New Year. You can also tell your resolution in the comments.

eTechHunter wishes all its readers a very Happy New Year. Stay connected to get the latest gadgets updates.

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